Friday night’s most entertaining wrestling in America is taking place inside the corridors of the Ohio Theatre & Event Center at Extreme Chaos Wrestling 2 – you can still purchase tickets by clicking the link above.

This card is one for the ages, including eight matches sure to blow your mind. Before the chaos begins, though, we’re previewing each of Friday’s eight matches. We know they will all be extreme, but what else can we expect from these bouts?

Let’s take a look.

Match 1: ‘The Insane’ El Ridiculoso vs. ‘Big Fish’ Rembowski

If you’re a fan of high-flying badassery, then you’re going to love Michigan native, El Ridiculoso. In the other corner is the big man himself, ‘Big Fish’ Rembowski. When the bell rings, two different styles will collide in the squared circle – and it’s sure to be a perfect start to a long night of chaos!

Match 2: ‘The Sinister’ Father Time vs. ‘The Natural’ Sam Beal

Big arms and bigger aspirations is the story of this match, as two newcomers to the wrestling world – Father Time and Sam Beal — will go head-to-head to see who is most extreme. Father Time and his sinister ways were evident in his first match in Toledo – how will he fare against one of our top prospects, Sam Beal?

Match 3: Krimson vs. ‘The’ Kenny Urban

Finally! Krimson has returned from injury. The Toledo legend makes his long awaited return to face off with a newcomer to Chaos, Kenny Urban. The mysterious and legendary, Krimson, might be the public favorite, but Kenny Urban made it clear he’s ready for anything Krimson has to offer!

Match 4: ‘The Amazing’ N8 Mattson vs. ‘The Greatest of All Toledo’ Tim Horner, Jr.

N8 Mattson makes his return to the ring for a matchup with the self-proclaimed Greatest of All Toledo, Tim Horner, Jr. A savvy veteran in Mattson vs. a polarizing Toledo great in Horner, Jr.? Chaos is bound to ensue between these two.

Match 5: ‘Ace of Spades’ Ace Austin vs. ‘Hot Fire’ Myron Reed

Folks around Toledo are calling this one of the more anticipated matches yet in Extreme Chaos Wrestling. Two young, high-flying, elite wrestlers that have covered the map? Sign me up for this match. ‘Hot Fire’ is looking for revenge after coming seconds away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Can Ace Austin spoil Reed’s chance at vengeance?

Match 6: ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Sandman vs. ‘The Pain Train’ The Boz

The shit-talking, ass-kicking Pain Train, The Boz, is returning to the ring for a bout with one of the most recognizable figures in wrestling’s history: The Sandman. Known for his head-smashing beer chugs and vicious kendo stick strikes, The Hardcore Icon is sure to have a curve in his lip, beer against his forehead and kendo stick in his hand, as he approaches the ring to get extreme with The Boz!

Match 7: ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Boone vs. Orlando ‘O.C.’ Christopher

Orlando Christopher will risk anything to walk out of this one victorious over ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Boone. Boone, a verified bachelor, has won belts across America. He doesn’t have an immediate chance at one against Christopher Friday night, but one has to assume the winner of this match is inching closer and closer to a shot at the belt! These are two of the best on our roster … there’s no telling who will come out on top.

MAIN EVENT: ‘The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air’ Trey Miguel (C) vs. ‘Michigan Made Rebel’ Jon’tae Keith

Not often does a newcomer walk in the doors and get a chance at the belt, but that’s exactly what Detroit’s Jon’Tae Keith has earned the chance at Friday night. Extreme Chaos Wrestling found Keith and believes he is ready for the big-time. However, a big obstacle lies in the distance as The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air, Trey Miguel, will use his experience and ability to fly to put Keith to the ultimate test. These two might be technical wrestlers at heart, but they’re stepping into the Extreme Chaos ring with everything on the line!